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Lihas Ashwin Trivedi

Triathlete, Ultramarathoner, Founder Amdavad Distance Runners a group for Runners
Birth date : 26 Oct 1969
Present Occupation: Founder Director, LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. A Sports event management company.

Achievements so far...

Limca Book Record for Running 25 hours on Treadmill covering distance of 194.02kms. Broke previous record of 171kms.

National record of Running 24 hours in Gurgaon covering 182kms.

Ultramarathons: 10 (Singapore, South Africa, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Ooty, Hongkong, Rann of Kutchh, Bengaluru, Mumbai)

Comrades Ultramarathon: Durban, South Africa, first from Gujarat.

Ironman 70.3: Perth, Australia first from Gujarat to do so.

Top Marathons I have participated : (Greece, Kaveri Trail Mysore, Mumbai,Hyderabad )

Several Half Marathons

What next (?): Ironman

How it happened....

It all happened by accident....I actually met with an accident riding pillion on a scooter in 1989 when I was in second year of college. Being a sports person & playing games like Cricket & Basketball, I suddenly had to stop everything as I met with accident which injured my right knee badly. I was advised complete bed rest for 4 months & later advised not to play any kind of sports until further inspection of injury healing.

I got bored doing nothing & one day started to jog against the advice of doctors. I liked it & I continued. The smaller distance became longer & it became very enjoyable for me as I could eat whatever I wanted & do the running the next day to compensate.

The serious running happened when first Mumbai marathon was announced in year 2004. I registered for it & the journey of marathon & long distance running started with it. I made sure to participate in it every year & also started running the Delhi Half Marathon simultaneously.

Year 2010 was a life changing year for me as for the first time I ran a Marathon outside India & that too in Greece the Mecca of Marathon running!!! The marathon started from Marathonas in Greece exactly 2500 years ago. I became part of this historical run.

Year 2011 made me unleash my potential in form of first ever Ultramarathon which I chose to run in Singapore!!! There is no looking back since then & I have achieved a lot in Ultra marathoning.

The madness continued & I ran my first 24 hours run in Gurgaon near Delhi & achieved the unbelievable - A National Record in first go!!! It was the same year I ran my first Comrades Ultramarathon in South Africa. This is considered the Ultimate Human Race below 100kms distance. It is unique because of its tough route which passes on 5 hills on the way from Durban to Petermaritzberg.

I wanted to push my limits when I decided to run on a Treadmill for 25 hours!!!This run is special as it was done in front of my home crowd in Sports Club of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. I made it to the Limca Book of Records!!! It is never easy to perform in front of your home crowd & the fear of non performance grips you, but I sailed & smoothly….

Now I had a different dream of proving myself, this time it was Swim, Bike, Run!!! I wanted to do Ironman....it is one of the most difficult form of a Triathlon. You swim in sea, you cycle on hilly terrain & you run on same route. (1.9km Swim, 90km bike, 21km run) all one after the other. I did it to become first Ironman from Gujarat...of course that gave encouragement to others to perform & achieve…..

Now I have developed new passion of running in trails !!! It is literally running in jungles & hills/mountains. There is no support or very less support in such activities. Sometimes you have to have your own crew or be self sufficient through the run. Recently I ran in Hongkong 100 km run in the hills & forest which was a unique experience of running on the edge & if you feel little sleepy you are gone. Some part of the run was on thin strip of trail where you can see the downslide which would be terrible if you fall.

I also ran in our very own Rann of Kutchh which was in Dholavira !!! The place of earlier civilization which is a World heritage site. This was a 101 km run in thorny hills & salt pan desert. The only support of direction in the full moon night was Moon itself!!! If you are not very much aware of directions you can easily get lost in the salt dessert. You can set your route on GPS but if the battery drains you do not have much choice. Though there were markings on route but it was not enough as this markings could easily get removed by strong winds or by animals. I got lost 3 times & wasted time & covered more distance, but that is the uniqueness of the event!!!

Attempted Ironman in Spain Mallorca in September 2015 & had to quit the race due to bad fall from the bike at 110kms.... The passion continues & there is lot more to do before I rest....