Training Schedule

“The Most important part of achieving success in any thing in life is self discipline”…

Lihas Trivedi himself is a trained fitness expert and designs his own training schedules.

A compulsorily 5-day-week self- training. .

He runs three times in a week & work out for upper body, Core body & strength on remaining two days of the week.

Runs are normally for 10 to 14 kms during week days & a longer run on weekend (21km or more) He would start with some warm up exercise for proper blood circulation in the whole body which helps keeping away injuries. ‘Stretching’ after the run had been a compulsory routine for relaxation of muscles.

The 10 km run is a tempo run where one tries to achieve speed.

Upper body exercise mainly consists of working out chest muscles, shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps etc.

Core body exercise consist of Planks (Hold for 45 sec, repeat 3-5times) followed by Push ups (3 sets of 20 each) Abs training is thrice a week with 3 sets each of 25 from upper torso & 3 sets each of 20 repeats from lower body ( leg raises )

One day in a week he would run up & down 10 floors of his apartment for cross training. Whenever time permitted he goes for swimming as a part of whole body exercise & cross training.